Managing risk one tenant at a time.

Tenant Screening

Every tenant has a story. Just don't expect to read everyone like an open book.

Unqualified rental decisions could end up costing your properties thousands of dollars in landlord/tenant legal actions, turnover costs, and bad debt write-offs.

Our tenant screening solutions can help with multi-family properties and student housing (we serve more than 100 area colleges and universities nationwide). We also offer back-end debt collection services through our sister company BYL Collection Services.

Screenings Get Started

Our consolidated suite of services make applicant decisions and tenant management easy


Access for unlimited number of users to our 24-hour web enabled screening platform


Instant background, verification, and credit searches


Property management systems integration


Online access to detailed rental payment and rental collection histories


Corporate and international applicant screening


Debt collection services, where resident data is seamlessly transferred to an online debt collection platform


Complimentary pre-screening of applicant's income and asset analysis


Access to custom acceptance and denial letters


Run multiple searches simultaneously (for instance, joint applicant and guarantor)


A manual review of potential 'hits' on a criminal record database search. Our trained and FCRA certified staff will review and update records prior to release, helping ensure accuracy, and reduce the risk of false-positive matches to your Applicant.


Tenant Screenings Provide

Applicant Identity Checks

Identity Verification, SSN Trace, Address History

Get instantaneous verification of identity, including: full name, social security number, date of birth, known aliases, and prior address history. A comprehensive search of individuals associated with the same SSN is also performed to prevent fraud. Approximate turnaround time: INSTANT.

Tenant Reliability Screens

Tenant Eviction Record Search

Instantly search statewide court records to find out whether an applicant has a history of skips, property damage, or monies owed. Approximate turnaround time: INSTANT

Criminal Searches

National Criminal Background & Sex Offender Search

View criminal records from participating jurisdictions, administrative office of courts records, department of corrections, superior court index of felonies and misdemeanors and traffic court records, and sex offender records. Approximate turnaround time: INSTANT

County Criminal Court Search

A county level court search is often the most accurate, and up-to-date criminal search available. Records are manually and electronically researched at selected County Court(s) for criminal convictions including felony and misdemeanor offenses. Approximate turnaround time: 1 TO 3 DAYS

International Watch List

Find out if your applicant has been identified by the Department of the Treasury as a threat to the interests and security of the United States. Approximate turnaround time: INSTANT

Rental History


RentForecast™ provides instant access to millions of resident payment history records, calculating a numeric risk score that predicts an Applicant’s ability to pay their rent on time. Rental history data is statistically analyzed along with other payment transaction data such as mobile phone payments, check writing, insufficient funds (NSF), payments for club memberships and other alternative non-credit bureau data. This type of alternative data is not contributed to the credit bureaus today.

Guarantor Financial History

Credit History Report & Credit Summary

Gain access to accurate and efficient financial analysis of the guarantor's (or applicant who is a self-guarantor) financial status. Instantly view FICO scores, summarized trade lines and detailed credit history information. Data includes: Open accounts, public filings such as tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments and eviction records, and payment histories. VeriFirst also helps prevent fraud by providing applicable fraud alerts.


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Application Failure Alert

VeriFirst will monitor your weekly screening activity (credit fails, criminal fails, etc.) and deliver a mobile-friendly email alert to the corresponding regional manager/corporate users of the property(s) at risk based on tolerances that you define. The alert will allow users to link directly to a new failed application summary report, which will provide additional insight as to why applications are failing your current screening criteria.

Need help with collection? 


From tenant screening to late rent courtesy calls and debt collection, VeriFirst makes it easy to get consolidated resident services through one reputable vendor. Visit our sister company, BYL Collection Services for more information.




Customized Rental Recommendations
Our VeriGuide Decision Assistant can help you make your decision quickly with an at-a-glance look at whether or not an applicant meets your requirements.

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