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Simplify FCRA Background Check Compliance

As an Employer, there are certain state and federal regulations you must adhere to when it comes to background checks. Fulfilling these responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can be both tedious and time consuming… that is, until now.

Meet your HR Compliance Cloud

VeriFirst Compliance Cloud® is a suite of purpose-built services designed to help our clients comply with state and federal FCRA regulations. Integrated directly into our online screening platform, VeriFirst Compliance Cloud offers a centralized portal for applicant consent forms, employee background screening, acceptance letters and adverse action notification delivery, electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify employment eligibility.

Combine our Full-Service Background Screening Platform with an All-In-One Compliance Portal


Free Online Background Check
Consent Portal

Provides your candidate with direct access to a web-based background check authorization form, required under the FCRA. The data is automatically sent to your VeriFirst screening dashboard.


Automated Applicant 
Data Transfer

Electronic consent forms are completed by your Applicant through the portal. You are notified when a new consent form is completed and the background check is ready for submittal. Check-off the types of screens you want to run and click Submit. It’s that easy.


Applicant Notification Services

Should an Applicant fail to meet your background check criteria, VeriFirst can help create and monitor the delivery of your FCRA compliant Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notifications.


Electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify

Minimize the risk of government penalties, reduce paperwork, and gain direct access to E-Verify with our electronic Form I-9 and document management tools.

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