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 Our business is helping you make better decisions. 

Now more than ever, accurate background checks are a required resource for hiring employees, verifying vendors, and placing tenants.

When making decisions, businesses look for high-quality, compliant partners that deliver secure, reliable, and accessible solutions.

VeriFirst Background Screening, LLC has been a trusted partner and leading provider of risk management and background screening services since 2004.

With VeriFirst as your screening partner, you can expect tailored solutions, excellence in customer service and FCRA compliant background screening to help minimize risk and make better, more informed decisions.

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As part of BYL Companies, VeriFirst stands by these core values


We work together within a team environment of mutual respect, honesty and integrity.

We are energetic and knowledgeable and take pride in our work and company.

We approach our craft with a proactive, positive and enthusiastic attitude.

We maintain an open environment where creativity and curiosity are encouraged.

We pride ourselves on making sure health and happiness  come first.


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