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Background Screening

VeriFirst offers easy-to-use background screening tools empowering our clients nationwide to make wise business decisions quickly and accurately.  We offer screening in three different areas:

Customer ID Verification

An identity theft prevention program is critical to the success of your company.  VeriFirst provides the information you need to remain compliant with government regulations.


Employment Screening

Hire and retain the right employees with risk mitigating solutions customized for your business.  VeriFirst screening are guaranteed to minimize liabilities and fraud.


Tenant Screening

Learn about your potential tenant before renting your property.  Through our various screenings, VeriFirst make applicant decisions and tenant management easy.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Background screening is not simply checking someone’s background on the web, and moving on. When conducting a background check, VeriFirst complies strictly with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which regulates the process of tenant and employee background checks.  The  FCRA places limits and rules on the usage of consumer reports by both employers and landlords. As such the following duties must be carried out when you are making use of a personal consumer report:

  • A permissible purpose must be present to review someone's personal consumer report

  • There must be a specific purpose and usage of the consumer report and that report cannot be used for any other reason other than the ones stated

  • The consumer must be notified in cases of adverse action

  • If alerts are present in the consumer account, further verification is required to ensure the information is correct

  • All information must be disposed of properly according to required regulations

Learn more about the FCRA.

Download our 
Compliance Library
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Download our 
Compliance Library
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